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Destiny Ayo vaughan


Destiny Ayo Vaughan is a top requested motivational speaker.  She is heavily inspired by David Goggins and uses her own twist of  story telling to inspire her audience. As a  Speaker, destiny  has made it her life goal to Encourage, Inspire and Strengthen the voice of the people around her.  

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Destiny's Story

Destiny is a survivor of child abuse and wants to inspire other survivors to fight through fears of their past. Destiny  has overcome bullying and since being raised in the foster care system she encourages people to focus on loving themselves and the people around us. Destiny’s story has also been featured in a book by Dr Sam Collins called rebellious. 


Destiny has a passion for children  and women who have been victims to sexual assault. She has spent much of her career focused on advocating for victims of sexual abuse who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  She was awarded the 2022 Local Pathways Fellow program  under the UN Sustainable Development Solution Network where she represents Ireland.  Destiny Currently has three degrees level five early childhood educations, bachelors in social science and master of science degree in psychological studies at the University of Aberdeen, the young activist has spoken at many global events and was recently named Activist of the Year at the Black And Irish Gala Awards and was named 50 ones to watch in 2023 by the Irish independent. 


Always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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