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Positive Affirmations

All Survivors of Sexual Abuse have the right and the ability to speak the truth of their abuse and deserve to be heard, understood. believed and supported

I am in control of my thoughts, my words, and my life.

I am worthy of infinite and unending compassion.

When times are difficult, I know I have people I can turn to for support.

I am not defined by what has happened to me. I’m in control of my own story

I didn’t do anything to cause this. The blame for abuse lies with my abuser, not with me.

Every day, I move forward on a track of healing.

Feeling is healing. As I heal, I develop the ability to experience a wider range of emotions to enhance my health and connections to others.

I choose to love and accept myself. I choose wholeness

I release and forgive myself for any responsibility I have accepted in the past for my abuse.

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